***NOTICE: This page is not yet updated with 2005 information, but it will be soon.***
Castle Larp is a White Wolf based Live Action Roleplaying event which takes place once a year.
2000's event took place Friday, July 7th through Sunday, July 9th.
The date for 2001's event HAS BEEN set for June 29th through July 1st.

Stronghold Castle is located at 1922 IL Rt. 2 North, Oregon, IL.
Mapquest can tell you how to get here. Just enter your address below.
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2000's event was centered around the formation of the Camarilla.
2001's event has not had a plot line determined as of yet.

Leah and Randy will be running the event in 2001.
NOTE: A DEPOSIT MUST BE RECIEVED before a character will be reserved.

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